What is Beanstalk?

A simple solution for businesses that want to get online. The right way. First time. Without a big spend.

With our experience in the online world, we have refined our offer into a small package that can be used by a business of any size to get a good looking, modern website that generates good leads up and running within a few days. Scroll down to have a look at some of the key features that make a Beanstalk website the best way to get going online.

The Seed

To have a simple and clean foundation for your site is important in running your site effectively.

Our seed structure:

  • All our base (seed) templates use the latest web technologies.
  • We constantly update our seeds so there is no risk of your website becoming outdated.
  • We use HTML5 for lightweight, modern code that will be a lot faster than a non HTML5 website as well as rank better in search engines.
  • We use the Foundation 5 framework which is one of the most advanced front-end frameworks around today.
  • Your website will always display properly – no matter what the device.


The easier it is for our clients to manage their pages, the happier they are.

It’s not a nice feeling when you think things are out of your control, so we are handing the power back to you in the easiest way possible.
The Beanstalk Dashboard:

  • Really easy to use, features are accessible and easy to find. We have tidied up the standard WordPress dashboard eliminating features you won’t need.
  • Check your analytics right from the dashboard of your site (no-need for 3rd party add ons).
  • Custom project sections, blogs, and galleries etc are added in a way that you can update and edit easily.
  • Our resource section has a collection of articles to help you learn to use your CMS & of course a friendly, local team to help with troubleshooting.

Basic Features

Websites no matter how small or large usually have standard features which makes them useful to most industries and customers.

We can make anything that you like! So if you have any custom requirements just let us know.

Standard features of a Beanstalk:

  • Rotating Content (slider) displayed anywhere on your site.
  • Simple galleries to show off your latest work.
  • Testimonials to display client feedback (a really good way of building trust)
  • A Contact form that can be customised to suit your needs (may incur an extra fee depending on the scale and detail)

Extend To E-commerce

With a beautiful online store and a secure shopping cart

There is ample opportunity to extend your site to include e-commerce. From one product through to thousands,
we can tailor an e-commerce solution to suit your needs.

We can also make a separate e-commerce site if needs dictate that. We will need to talk through exactly what it is you are
looking to achieve so we can create a custom solution for your business.

Easy Social Media and SEO

Having a website is one thing, but you need to get traffic to generate leads/business.

A Beanstalk comes ready with:

  • Keywords related to your industry (optional upgrade to a SEO/Adwords strategy).
  • You can set your own meta details for Google and Facebook.
  • Easily verify Pinterest and Google+ from the dashboard.
  • Change/update meta details on any page or post.
  • Quick and easy social sharing buttons.

Reliable Hosting & Support

We are committed to looking after your business so let us worry about the technical stuff, you worry about your business.

How we look after you:

  • We are not an overseas outfit we are local – our office is located in Kingsland, Auckland.
  • All websites are hosted on secure Touch Marketing Servers
  • We do regular updates and security checks
  • Global CDN (Content Delivery Network) for lightning fast load times

Summary: The Germination Process

So you have decided you want a Beanstalk website, great!

Here are the first few steps:

  • Give us a call and talk to one of our friendly consultants.
  • When your ready just send through the content with our easy website form.
  • Allow 1 week for your site to be built, we will optimise everything on the initial setup.
  • Our experienced developers and designers will pick a layout best suited for your business and redesign it to suit your brand. If you have particular design requests we welcome those too!
  • Basic Social Media and SEO is included. But if you decide you want to give your business a growth spurt, we can set you up with a rocking social media and marketing strategy!

It’s Time To Transform Your Business!

In an industry full of cowboys who will promise you the world and deliver you something useless, we have proud track record of getting results for our clients. We make getting your business online easy. Trust Us.

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